Monday, July 18, 2011

Akihabara Electric Town

Last Saturday, I looked around a bit more in Shinjuku before going to Akihabara Electric Town. There were a lot of people there but there's usually even more. I checked out some computer stores and learned about new brands and other brands I knew but didn't know make computers. There were loooots of shops with geeky things there (anime, manga, computers, cameras, games, electronic components, etc). There was an interesting festival/parade that day. I like two performers best; the ones with hats and the last ones (from Okinawa). Unfortunately, I didn't bring the spare battery for my camera, and had to continue shooting pictures and videos using my phone.

We (oh sorry, a friend and myself) had a really dinner in a Japanese restaurant in the evening. Salmon rolls, cold noodles, boiled beans, fried tofu, etc. Please check the pictures.

Also, you can see some dark areas in the corners on many pictures. I am not really sure why this happens, but it happens when filters (UV, etc) are attached to my camera. Maybe it has something to do with the sunlight as well.

Cacoon Tower, Shinjuku

Salmon rolls. Aaah, so delicious!

Cold noodles

Fried tofu


Western salad

Boiled beans

We thought that this was a computer store, but it wasn't.

Very nice and private!

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