Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Getting around the Google Play/Android Market country restriction

If you haven't experienced this issue, or you don't know why one would do this, please feel free to read my other post first.

If you didn't feel like reading my other post, then this is my situation: I need to plan my vacation, and that means installing apps that are only available in Japan.

Things you need (apart from your Android smart phone):
  • WiFi connection.
  • Access to Google Play.
  • PPTP VPN service and a server in Japan. I use one from WiTopia, and their most basic plan is pretty reasonable if you ask me. Update: Using OverPlay now.
These are the steps:
  • Setup your VPN connection on your phone. WiTopia can show you how to do that after you purchase their service.
  • Turn off your phone and remove the SIM card. Google Play knows which carrier you use.
  • Turn on the WiFi connection and connect to the VPN server.
Now, just go ahead and browse Google Play. :) While I got some search result on the Google Play before, I get even more now!

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